Organize All Your Games Hands Down

Are you a devoted computer games fan like 40% of young people around the world? Then you must be desperately seeking an opportunity to organize games in a clever and easy-to-use way, since there are tons of them in your collection, right? We've got a great idea - All My Games! That's a nice cozy home for your games - your games will feel great in it and will be grateful to you!

Adding games to games collection is absolutely effortless!

Yeah, to say that adding a game to your All My Games database is easy is to say purely nothing! Just enter the name of the platform and the title and here you are! All the info will be automatically taken from online databases and added to your own one. As simple as that! Or even better - take your barcode scanner (sure you've got one) and just scan the games cover - that's it! The info is there and you're just observing the process having just nothing to say! Not a single minute wasted! Organizing games is a real fun with All My Games!

All possible game platforms supported

Does your games collection include many possible game platforms? Great! All My Games is able to deal with all of them effectively! It's not a problem at all! This games catalog has access to very competent online games databases and is sure to find info in a fast and easy manner and organize games perfectly well!

All your games are clearly visible

Enjoy various view modes, personal marks and ratings and a nice set of options available! Organizing games, All My Games adds all kinds of possible info to the cards - platform, series, release date, title, genre, publisher, developer, format, etc. All the fields can be used to sort and group your games in all possible ways. You can also use filters - it makes the whole process even faster! Search is incredibly effective since all the criteria are involved. View the statistics and get an overall picture of your collection.

Love sharing games with friends?

Yeah, me too :) Unfortunately, this is the way I've lost some great games of mine. But hope that's not true for you! Anyway even if you did have problems of that kind, having organized games with All My Games you will just forget about it forever. The games loan manager is constantly on guard and keeps track of your games when you fail to do it. It's a perfect reminder!

A games database that'll make your friends jealous!

All My Games is really beautiful and you can make it even stunning using the skins offered and templates for games info. Organize games and let your collection be something really special! Print your collection in a couple of clicks. It's up to you which fields to include, whether to print all the details or just box covers. You're welcome to print only games you need at the moment!

That's a real hit! It's really worth trying it ;)

Mike Gordon, our customer